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Pricing and Floorplans

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Our Floor Plans

We offer both private suites and companion suites. Companionship is incredibly important as we age. Studies have found that loneliness and isolation are the highest contributing factors of mental decline in seniors.

Our companion suites eliminate the potential of feeling disconnected, and create a sense of fellowship and togetherness. Each roommate is carefully selected, ensuring compatibility and likeness with preferences.

Companion Suite

Companion Suites provide an affordable option, and also offer two important benefits: ease of transition and reduction of loneliness.

Private Suite

Private Suites provide an additional layer of privacy and serenity . With the selection of a Private Suite, socialization is consistently encouraged.

All-Inclusive Pricing

At Mountainside of Warm Springs, we understand that planning for your loved one’s long-term care needs is a big undertaking. We want to take the stress of long-term financial planning away.

Unlike other communities that charge a base-rate and then additional care-level fees that can fluctuate greatly throughout your loved one’s care, Mountainside of Warm Springs offers all-inclusive pricing.

That means the price that you’re quoted at move-in does not increase based on the evolving care needs of your loved one.