Social Engagement

Social activities and events, such as group outings, game nights, and holiday celebrations, help our members feel engaged and connected with their peers.

Togetherness and social connection plays a significant role in the lives of Mountain Side community members.

Our Mountain Side facilities can provide opportunities for seniors to build social connections and relationships with others. Social activities and events, such as group outings, game nights, and holiday celebrations, can help seniors feel more engaged and connected to their peers.

We know how important it is to feel connected - especially when being a senior. At Mountain Side, our members have access to supportive resources, as many need the reassurance that their physical and mental health, can and will be maintained - allowing them to enjoy a higher quality of life.

“Our facilities provide a supportive and engaging environment that promotes social connections and togetherness, helping our members to feel more connected and fulfilled in their daily lives.”

    • “We are impressed with Mountain Side's commitment to improvement. The upgraded facilities and well-trained staff give us peace of mind. The security system ensures residents' safety. The atmosphere of independence and purpose they create is heartwarming.”
    • “We are grateful for Mountain Side's compassionate care. The staff's dedication to creating a family environment shows in everything they do. The Fresh Dining Program ensures my mom receives nutritious and delicious meals. Highly recommend this place!”
    • “Mountain Side exceeded our expectations! The caring staff fosters independence and purpose in residents. The dedication to personalized care and a close-knit community makes it a special place. We are thankful for their commitment to our loved ones.”
    • “I am impressed with the improvements at Mountain Side. The upgraded medication administration system and well-trained staff give me confidence in their care. My mom loves the fresh snacks available round the clock. It truly feels like a secure and caring family environment.”
    • “Mountain Side of Warm Springs is a wonderful place for seniors. The Focused Activities Program keeps residents engaged and happy. The Personalized Care Programs ensure their comfort and well-being. Highly recommended!”
    • “Moving my grandma to Mountain Side was the best decision. The staff's compassion and personalized attention make her feel cherished. The mission to create a family environment truly shows in the care they provide.”
    • “Mountain Side provides excellent care and a supportive environment. The Focused Activities Program is fantastic, tailored to each resident's interests. My dad enjoys the delicious meals from the Fresh Dining Program, and the small community feels like home.”
    • “The care at Mountain Side of Warm Springs is outstanding! The staff's dedication to person-centered care is evident in every aspect. The community feels like a big family, and the Personalized Care Programs ensure each resident's needs are met with comfort and confidence.”
    • “At Mountain Side, my mom found a place she could truly call home. The small staff-to-resident ratio creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. The Personal Care Service and Fresh Dining Program make it an exceptional choice for senior living.”
    • “Mountain Side of Warm Springs is a gem of a community! The Focused Activities Program ensured my father stayed engaged in activities he loved. The Personalized Care Programs made him feel valued and cared for. We are grateful for the close-knit family experience they provide.”

    Our dining program is designed to offer nutrition rich food with restaurant quality.

    All meals are designed by our dietitian and lead chef with each individual resident in mind.

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